Friday, March 2, 2012

About Us

Our 1st where to start. We are Josh and Danielle Vereze, we are high school sweet hearts and were married October 30, 2004. Since then we have been on a crazy trip. 

It was six long years of trying to have a child, we sought the help of a fertility specialist in October 2008...Round 1 was a failure, Round 2 was a failure, and Round 3 was a success, we were finally pregnant. After countless negative pregnancy tests over the years, we finally received a positive. We were jumping, screaming, and over joyed, words can't explain how that felt (I think we told everyone we knew within 15 minutes). We discovered that we were pregnant with twins, however we were already having complications, and around nine weeks, we miscarried both babies.We were destroyed, our world fell apart.

We decided to try one last time, our 1st round of tests showed that the procedure more than likely didn't work. Well it worked, however we weren't able to enjoy this pregnancy at all, we were stressed out the whole time and bracing for another miscarriage. 9 months later our lives changed forever, Georgia was born July 30, 2010, perfect and healthy.Since her birth she has become the center of our world and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Attempting to catch lighting in a bottle again we went back to the fertility doctor to try again...did the procedure and WHAM! Pregnant. Our numbers (betas) were very high which our RE (fertility doctor) thought there were two settling in. Well based on the title of this blog, you can tell there was more than one, two, or even three. There are four! Our fertility doctor was shocked, we were shocked, our OB/GYN was shocked..(and I'm using shocked as a nice term). So here we are, the start of a new journey!

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  1. You guys are great parents. I'm so excited and privileged to get to share this jouney with you. Georgia is the light in my life. These next four are certainly going to make our cup runneth over. Love Mom


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