Thursday, August 30, 2012

32 Weeks

Went to Dr. Zaretsky’s appointment today, found out that this would be the last time that we would be seeing him since we are now in the “delivery zone”, as usual everything is perfect with the babies; all are growing very, very well. Dr. Zarestsky said that he would see us next time we are having triplets and sent us on our way! He is releasing us to Cutler for the rest of the pregnancy and at this point if he were needed then it would just make more sense to take the babies. Dr. Zarestsky didn’t recommend any bed rest or hospitalization to us, however we are seeing Dr. Cutler tomorrow, so that may change.

On Monday we saw Cutler, we talked about our C-Section date on 9/19, I finally told him how uncomfortable and how much pain she was in so he was aware (which he wasn’t). He basically said that whenever we wanted to go and stay in the hospital he would put us there. She is miserable and I really don’t know how much longer she can hold out. Her blood pressure seems to be doing better, but she has developed cholestasis(, which is driving her crazy. After the appointment today we text Cutler and begged for him to move up the C-Section a week, so we will see what he says tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Danielle is going to beg to be delivered I think she has earned her multiples badge and she has done a great job getting these babies to weight. Besides if we wait until the 19th these will be 6 pounders, and she is already is major pain with 15+ pounds of baby and 15 pounds of baby “stuff”; I have to literally have to pick up Danielle's belly to help her turn over in bed, it's crazy!

There was a really good 3D picture of Sophia but it didn't print and it appears that the recording started after they did the picture, but here are the weights of our VERY BIG TRIPLET GIRLS-
Harper- 4lb15oz (She was impossible to get she is so low, so this number is off)
Sophia- 5lb3oz
Emma- 5lb5oz

On Average Triplets are born at 32 weeks and 3 pounds, so we are already ahead of both!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

31 Weeks Picture and Monitoring

Danielle had her non-stress test and BP monitoring yesterday and an ultrasound on her legs to check for clots. While Danielle was doing that I took Georgia “I can’t sit still for 2 seconds” Vereze to Chucky Cheese for some running around fun and pizza. They said everything was fine, BP was a little high but I think with us gone Danielle can relax so it goes down! Waiting for some results to come in tomorrow and then we are set for our 32 week appointment with Dr. C on Monday.
31 Weeks!

Monday, August 20, 2012

31 Week Update: We have a timeline!

Today Danielle went in for her 31 week appointment with Dr. Cutler, blood pressure was on the high side. (138/90 and 98bpm) Did our ultrasound to find the heart tones on the babies, all are doing well. Sophia is now head down with Harper and Emma. So that’s 30 toes, 6 feet and legs in Danielle’s ribs, and 3 small bowling balls in her pelvis.  After that they took her BP again, this time it was in the (150’s / 90’s). Dr. Cutler came in, standard questions, and starting Wednesday we will be having weekly appointments at Texoma Medical Center for fetal non-stress test to watch the babies and monitor blood pressure for a few hours. He said that we need to find out weights of the babies which we will find out on the 30th from Dr. Zaretsky, and after that appointment Danielle will be admitted into  Texoma Medical Center until the babies are born. So to recap

Today - Appointment with Cutler (BP, Heart tones)
Wednesday 8/ 22- Non-stress test at Hospital
Monday 8/27 - Appointment with Cutler (BP, Heart tones)
Wednesday 8/29- Non- Stress test at Hospital
Thursday 8/30- Dr. Zarestsky for growth and BPP(Biophysical Profiles)
Friday 9/7- 34 Weeks Checking into TMC until it’s baby time

All this hinges on Danielle’s blood pressure holding out. There is a good chance that we won’t make it to our goal, the high BP and preeclampsia will cause the babies to be born; not cervix or preterm labor it will be this. Danielle’s hands and feet are itching too which is a sign that there is a liver disease that only occurs in pregnancy. Both conditions are only resolved by having the babies. Dr. Cutler said that Dr. Lipscomb (the BEST and Georgia’s doctor) and Dr. Kalil will be  the attending doctors when the triplets are born. We know that Dr. Lipscomb trained to be a neonatologist and we have already talked to him about delivery and I believe that Dr. Kalil is a neonatologist as well so we will be in good hands.

So things have starting happening, I think I have had a lump in my throat all day! Updates will be coming more quickly I promise!

P.S. Taking suggestions for a phrase to alert those on the phone tree (text) when it’s baby time. Example from Juno (Thunder Cats are a go!) So get to thinking folks!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 Week Update

We are trucking along here trying to hold off as long as we can. We really need to make it to the 35 week mark, and medically according to the doctors she can, but emotionally it's going to be a challenge. Danielle gets little to no sleep every night, going from the bed to the recliner and back all night; only really getting good sleep when it's time for me to roll over and go to work and when it's time for Georgia to grace us with her presence. Going to the bathroom has become another task within itself, now the only way she can use e bathroom is to doing it standing, but hey do what you have to. She can't walk more than 5 minutes without having contractions, and I'm pretty sure her belly button is going to turn in on itself. The belly is huge (had to get permission to use that phrase) and I think when you see it in person under clothes people get a little disappointed because it's not bigger. I think people expect her to have to carry around a wheel barrow to hold it and walk, it's not that big, but believe me folks it's impressive! Still getting the "you don't look big to be having triplets comments" which Danielle being Danielle would just smile and say "yeah" and then we would have our standard 3day conversation about it. Now she is to the point of wanting to fight people for saying that so watch out! "You don't look like your carrying triplets" are official fighting words for this house!

Girls nursery is slowing getting together not completed, but starting to get there. I really need to paint but I don't see that getting done. Getting the rest of the stuff that we need for the girls in the next two weeks and we will be "ready".

Monday Danielle saw her regular OB for her weekly check, Blood Pressure was high then, and when testing at home was high too, so we called today and he wanted us to go to L/D to be monitored. Took Georgia to her granny's and made our way up, and to our horror we were put back in the dreaded triage room. This room might as well be a torture chamber for as uncomfortable the room is. Blood pressure and blood work all came back good, and Danielle vows to never come back until it's baby time. Plus side is all the nurses here are awesome, so they make things a little more bearable. Dr. C next week for another check (cervix, BP, urine, and heart tones). Dr. Zaretsky on the 30th for what could be our last appointment.

Since BP is ok Danielle is getting ready for tax-free weekend to get Georgia ready for fall, which means I'm wheeling her around, so watch out shoppers!

Update next week!