Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 Week Update

We are trucking along here trying to hold off as long as we can. We really need to make it to the 35 week mark, and medically according to the doctors she can, but emotionally it's going to be a challenge. Danielle gets little to no sleep every night, going from the bed to the recliner and back all night; only really getting good sleep when it's time for me to roll over and go to work and when it's time for Georgia to grace us with her presence. Going to the bathroom has become another task within itself, now the only way she can use e bathroom is to doing it standing, but hey do what you have to. She can't walk more than 5 minutes without having contractions, and I'm pretty sure her belly button is going to turn in on itself. The belly is huge (had to get permission to use that phrase) and I think when you see it in person under clothes people get a little disappointed because it's not bigger. I think people expect her to have to carry around a wheel barrow to hold it and walk, it's not that big, but believe me folks it's impressive! Still getting the "you don't look big to be having triplets comments" which Danielle being Danielle would just smile and say "yeah" and then we would have our standard 3day conversation about it. Now she is to the point of wanting to fight people for saying that so watch out! "You don't look like your carrying triplets" are official fighting words for this house!

Girls nursery is slowing getting together not completed, but starting to get there. I really need to paint but I don't see that getting done. Getting the rest of the stuff that we need for the girls in the next two weeks and we will be "ready".

Monday Danielle saw her regular OB for her weekly check, Blood Pressure was high then, and when testing at home was high too, so we called today and he wanted us to go to L/D to be monitored. Took Georgia to her granny's and made our way up, and to our horror we were put back in the dreaded triage room. This room might as well be a torture chamber for as uncomfortable the room is. Blood pressure and blood work all came back good, and Danielle vows to never come back until it's baby time. Plus side is all the nurses here are awesome, so they make things a little more bearable. Dr. C next week for another check (cervix, BP, urine, and heart tones). Dr. Zaretsky on the 30th for what could be our last appointment.

Since BP is ok Danielle is getting ready for tax-free weekend to get Georgia ready for fall, which means I'm wheeling her around, so watch out shoppers!

Update next week!


  1. YAY! Danielle you can do it! You look just the right size to be having triplets :P fight me over THAT one!

  2. Lol I think you will get a pass'


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