Thursday, August 30, 2012

32 Weeks

Went to Dr. Zaretsky’s appointment today, found out that this would be the last time that we would be seeing him since we are now in the “delivery zone”, as usual everything is perfect with the babies; all are growing very, very well. Dr. Zarestsky said that he would see us next time we are having triplets and sent us on our way! He is releasing us to Cutler for the rest of the pregnancy and at this point if he were needed then it would just make more sense to take the babies. Dr. Zarestsky didn’t recommend any bed rest or hospitalization to us, however we are seeing Dr. Cutler tomorrow, so that may change.

On Monday we saw Cutler, we talked about our C-Section date on 9/19, I finally told him how uncomfortable and how much pain she was in so he was aware (which he wasn’t). He basically said that whenever we wanted to go and stay in the hospital he would put us there. She is miserable and I really don’t know how much longer she can hold out. Her blood pressure seems to be doing better, but she has developed cholestasis(, which is driving her crazy. After the appointment today we text Cutler and begged for him to move up the C-Section a week, so we will see what he says tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Danielle is going to beg to be delivered I think she has earned her multiples badge and she has done a great job getting these babies to weight. Besides if we wait until the 19th these will be 6 pounders, and she is already is major pain with 15+ pounds of baby and 15 pounds of baby “stuff”; I have to literally have to pick up Danielle's belly to help her turn over in bed, it's crazy!

There was a really good 3D picture of Sophia but it didn't print and it appears that the recording started after they did the picture, but here are the weights of our VERY BIG TRIPLET GIRLS-
Harper- 4lb15oz (She was impossible to get she is so low, so this number is off)
Sophia- 5lb3oz
Emma- 5lb5oz

On Average Triplets are born at 32 weeks and 3 pounds, so we are already ahead of both!


  1. Try your hardest to get to 34 weeks though. Babies don't develop sucking till then and will need to go into nicu for tube feeding. Try your best to keep them out of there. Good luck.

    1. Yes we spoke with the doctor yesterday and we are going until the 19th when the babies are 35 weeks 5 days.


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