Thursday, September 6, 2012

Go on Bed Rest, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00!

On Monday we were officially grounded by Dr. Cutler, I frankly was surprised that we made it to this point, but with Danielle’s cervix of steal and Cutler’s un-willingness to move up the C-Section we are making it…for now. Monday morning as I was on my way out of town to visit family that we don’t get to see enough, Danielle called to say that she told Cutler that it was time, and so Monday started our 21 day journey to doubling our family. 16 days of bed rest, followed by 5 days post c-section recovery, so three weeks in the hospital! So far during this week there have been a few issues pop up, Tuesday Danielle was having contractions, so they were watching those very closely however, it wasn’t “progressing” anything so it was fine.

Yesterday, Danielle had an ultrasound and the babies have all each gained 10 oz in 10 days, these kids are going to be big! Emma is 1 oz away from being 6 pounds, and the tech said it looked like Sophia had hair and was waving her hands though it! Harper is going to be our mystery, we haven’t seen her in months and she is really hard to get any stats on since she is so low. Emma has also changed positions from being head down to across the other babies some how, I don’t know how any of them have any room to move at all! Hospital has been getting everything ready for us and ordering equipment and putting the finishing touches on the war plan with all the doctors and nurses. Everyone is on call just in-case Danielle goes into labor before our 9/19 deadline.

Today, Danielle got her 1st round of steroid shots to help develop the babies’ lungs just in case they want to come earlier than our D Day. The cut off is 34 weeks, which is tomorrow but it can’t hurt to get them and be ready for anything!  

The excitement is in the air people!

Oh and thank you to everyone for visiting and praying for our family, we really do appreciate it more than we will ever be able to show!

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