Sunday, September 9, 2012

Take the shots or take a trip!

This morning Danielle woke up in pain, and overall discomfort, so the charge nurse gave her a massage to try and help ease some of the tension. During and after she was having light contractions pretty frequently so they started doing a non-stress test to watch everything. About that time the contractions started getting regular and strong, strong enough that she wanted pain medication to help with the pain. Doctor was called medication ordered, extra fluids ordered and a cervix check ordered. When they had to lay Danielle down to check her cervix she was in so much pain and having such a hard time breathing that they had to give her oxygen and pain medication. Doctor was told to come in since they were not able to check and because of her pain level and oxygen. Cutler checked and the Harpers head is right there but the cervix is still closed. Danielle is finished, done, at the end of her rope, and nothing is going to make that any better. Cutler said if it were up to him he would have delivered the babies today, however Lipscomb said that if we need to deliver before 35 weeks we needed to be sent to Dallas.

So at this point it feels like we are backed Into a corner: Terbutaline or go to Plano! We never wanted to have any shots at this point to stop labor, if Danielle's body is saying to go then we feel like it's time to go! We didn't want to deliver in Plano/Dallas it's again not part of our birth plan, but with us being 4 days away from 35 weeks we chose the lessor of the 2 plans we had to pick from and took 2 rounds of terbutaline. Danielle did well, but now feels horrible. Tomorrow Cutler is going to talk to Lipscomb about trying to move the date to Wednesday, but we have already been told that he more than likely will not go for that since a lot of the nurses will be out of town and it's 1-2 days before the 35 magical week. We fully understand each day is important but you have to at some point weigh the mom's well being with what's going to be the best outcome.

So hopefully we can get some flexibly tomorrow otherwise there is a good chance Danielle will just walk out and wait at home until her water breaks on it's own!


  1. 4 days away from 35 weeks is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. My triplets were born at 29 weeks. They are all healthy happy one year olds now. Keep up the excellent work mom and dad...those babies will be here soon. Prayers for healthy babies!

  2. You guys are doing great. You're nearly there. Four more days. That's all. Hopefully you won't face this problem again and the next four days run smoothly. Keeping everything crossed for you


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