Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birth Story Part 1

I have been replaying the birth story over and over in my head so I don’t forget it and now when I try to start writing this I’m drawing a blank! Well let’s start the night before, Georgia went to my mom’s house to spend the night, everyone was given 6:30 show up time and we tried to go to sleep. The nurses aids were given a do not disturb order until 5am when they would move us over to labor and delivery. So there we lie Danielle and I in the room trying to sleep but way to nervous, not saying anything, just both pretending to sleep and checking Facebook for entertainment. At 5 or 5:30 there was a knock on the door and a team of happy nurses came in asked if she was ready to go, and she was gone. My task was to get ready, dressed, and my thoughts together and go over to 324 and wait with Danielle. I just sat there, shaking, trying to pull it all together so I could be there for Danielle. It took me 30 minutes before I was able to move. I got ready and went off to labor and delivery to see Danielle already hooked up and doing one last non-stress test on the babies, 3 IV started and a room full of people. Everyone that was going to be in the OR or nursery came by to introduce themselves and tell us that it was all going to be ok and how excited and ready everyone was. Georgia came with my mom to visit Danielle before she went back, she gave her a kiss and then she was off. Georgia has really had a very hard time with all of this and really hates being at the hospital, so mom and Georgia went to wait in the waiting room with the rest of the family, Danielle’s mom wanted to wait in the room and greet Danielle when she came out of surgery. Dr. Lipscomb popped in to ask how we were doing and check on us before we went back, also letting us know that they were ready and excited. Anesthesia was coming in and out getting her ready to go, one of Danielle’s blood tests showed her blood count was low so before surgery even started she would need a least one bag of blood. Dr. Cutler came in and stayed for awhile talking to us and trying to put us at ease. This surgery wasn’t going to be easy and we were told there was a 75% chance that Danielle would have to have a  hysterectomy, just another concern on mind. I got dressed in my snug paper scrubs (I’m talking very snug, it looked like I was painted blue) took a few last minute pictures and then they came to take Danielle. I kissed her goodbye and started the what I thought was the longest wait of my life. There was a huge knot in my throat the whole time, I just stared at the ground and prayed that everything would be ok. Danielle’s mom and granny were talking to me trying to make me take my mind off of things but I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of my heart pumping. A few minutes later the nursing director came and told me it was time, so I walked back to the OR my face got hot it seemed like I was floating down to the room, as I turned the corner I see 5-7 people standing outside the OR, I walk in and the room is packed with people. They were already started when I walked in, seeing some familiar nurses and doctors, I took my chair. In the movies it seems like it’s just a few minutes before babies are out, but it took about 15-20 minutes before the babies came. (My times may be off I really had no concept of time that day). Danielle was very nervous and scared, but she did a fantastic job staying calm and focusing on other things.

Next parts are a little graphic-

I could hear some chatter from the OB’s, and as I look up I see blood splatter on Dr. Alexander’s face, and an instant I was screaming in my head “nope, stop what you are doing, we are just going to wait and do this later in Dallas” but I was frozen and trying not to let Danielle see the expression on my face. Half of it may have been hid by my mask but this women knows my expressions with or without so I had to calm down and get back to my happy place. I took a video and according to the chatter, at 8:01am the “uterus was open” and 8:02 “A is out”, I stopped breathing scared that I wouldn’t be able to hear her scream, a few seconds later she was screaming and I was crying. He didn’t hold up the babies for us to see them the doctors and nurses grabbed her and started working on her right away. Normally this would be when the dad would leave to be with babies and when you can breathe easy, but we weren’t close to being done. Officially B was out at 8:02 as well, I think it was closer to the 8:03 mark but the official time was 8:02. Sophia wasn’t crying , however the doctors didn’t seem to be concerned they were calmly working on her and giving her a little oxygen and cleaning her up. 8:03 “3rd one is out” and she was screaming so finally I was able to breathe. Though this the nurses were giving us updates about how small they were, how cute, bald, and that they were doing good. Now came the important part for the OB getting Danielle’s uterus to go back to normal. They started working very quickly and the mood changed, they had me get up to see Emma and as I was getting up to walk over to where the warmer was I looked over and saw something I wasn’t suppose to. Seeing Danielle open on the table was more than I could handle and I just started to walk back when they put small, beautiful, and sweet Emma in my arms. My sprits lifted instantly as I was able to take her over to Danielle for her 1st kiss and picture. After that I was taken out of the OR and walked with Emma in my arms to the nursery. As babies were being born, bracelets were being added to my arm and put on Danielle. “Triplet A Female 0802” “Triplet B Female 0802” and “Triplet C Female 0803”.

Part 2 will be posted later!  

Last Small Family Picture

Dr. Lipscomb coming to check in

Danielle going back



Few Seconds Old

Emma and I 

1st Kiss with Emma

Emma, Mom, and Dad

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