Sunday, October 7, 2012

How we survive the night

I feel like we are on Lost, but instead of punching numbers into a computer every 108 minutes we are doing our own event and sequence of tasks to avoid destruction. We call what happens every 3 hours an event, which includes feeding, burping, diapering, changing, wrapping, and putting them back to sleep. Since it's more than just a feeding we call it an event. We each have our parts to play and in our sleepless daze have even named some of the positions.

Bottle Maker, wakes up and makes the bottles, caps them, and marks them for the babies. When it comes time to feed, we rotate just like we do with the positions, one person will feed 2 babies, burp 2, and then process one, the other will feed and burp one and process 2. This usually has us finishing in about 20 minutes most events. The bottle maker gets to sleep soundly because the other person that didn't make the bottles are "on call". The "on call" person handles any issues between feedings (lost passy, arms free of wrapping, or just a need to do a quick rock and drop).

This is our grand plan and it works, we have our high maintenance child (Harper) that thinks she needs to eat 30 minutes early, but she has to wait. Everyone eats together if they want it or not so everyone stays on target. Sophia eats like a champ and sucks it down, and Emma thinks that she should get to take an hour to eat.

2 week check up-
Harper 6.65 18in
Sophia 7.3 19in
Emma 6.11 19in

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  1. LOL I was wondering, my little NB is very high maintenance and absolutely refuses to stay on a schedule of any kind, sometimes she eats every ten minutes, sometimes its every three hours, I can imagine what its like with three at once! Great job guys! SuperMom and SuperDad!!!!


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