Friday, November 30, 2012

I know I'm a bad blogger!

Well, it’s been awhile since we last posted but since we had triplets 11 weeks ago I think we get a pass. The fact that we have time to write at all is a testament to how things are finally starting to “normalize”. (So future triplet parents there is hope!) Going to try and get everything caught up on our happenings but I’m sure we will leave out stuff and have to do follow ups.

Let’s start with stats
Bottles: from birth to 2 months they were on a strict 3 hour feeding schedule @ 4oz, so doing some quick math that’s 24 bottles a day and 96 oz of formula a day. Each can of formula makes 90 oz so we used a little more than a can a day. Now we are finally on a 4 hour feeding schedule and what a difference that makes! (Sleep/Free Time) They have upped to 5 oz now so that factors to 90 oz a day, which is weird but they are still gaining weight.

Diapers: I can’t believe it but we are in a size 2 diaper now, these kids were suppose to be preemies but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on their weights! Georgia recently moved from size 3 to size 4; give Sophia a few weeks and she and Georgia can share diapers.  We change the babies at the same time that they feed, unless there is a blow out, which is frequent so we go thought about 150-160 diapers a week just for the triplets. We are up to our eyeballs in poop!

The Nights

Here’s the rundown: Danielle is awakened by one or some of the babies, she beats me until I get up and begin changing all three diapers. She runs to the kitchen and makes bottles then hurries back to prop the bottles. I go back to bed and fall asleep, she beats me until I get up to help burp and put them back to bed. We do this exact process about 1-3 times a night.
The nights have started getting better, every once in a while when they are feeling generous they will go 5 hours. We shoot ourselves in the foot most nights because they will go to bed around 9-11 and if a feeding is coming up rather than sleep we will stay up and of course that’s the night they want to give us a little extra sleep. Which has led us to our QVC addiction, their chatter and back and forth provides us a good laugh  (I’m pretty sure I could sell the crap out of some QVC) but one night their “Today’s Special Value caught our eye and our viewing addiction turned into a financial one. Future triplet parents, our Keurig has saved our lives, and with easy pay anyone can afford it! At night the schedule goes out the window and we don’t wake them until one of the babies sounds the alarm. In an effort to be completely honest in this blog I have to admit that the first few weeks Danielle and I were verbally abusive to each other at night. The lack of sleep was intense and we were doing it all alone. It’s an embarrassing truth but it is what it is. If you were a fly on the wall you would have thought divorce (or murder) was imminent but alas the babes are sleeping “somewhat” through the night and so are we! We have been together for 12 years and been through much harder times than this so I’m glad to announce yet another hurdle surpassed!

Public Outings

Before we had our 1st outing I was excited about taking the girls out, after all I’m very proud of my 4 girls and love showing them off; that quickly changed about 4 minutes after our 1st time out with the triplets. We aren’t private people, we don’t mind answering questions and I can talk about my girls all day long. However there are those “crazies” with no manners that ruin it and make outings very stressful and overwhelming for us. There are people that come up to us look and ask, they don’t touch and don’t ask what I have deemed to be stupid questions that people ask when they are too shy to ask the real question they want the answer too; this is the good bunch. The other group will come up and touch, move blankets, take pictures, or want to chat when you can clearly see that we are having issues and need to move on. Another thing that just drives me crazy is when people are talking about within ear shot but not too you, I have my routine down, if you don’t ask me direct then when I walk by and you are talking about us don’t expect me to answer, I put on my “I’m looking really mad/constipated and will study whatever product may be on the shelf on the aisle we are on and act like I don’t see/hear them“. There are even people that will run over to where we are and “act” like they are looking for something that just so happens to be covered by the girls.

We have a twin Snap N Go stroller and a baby sling, I push the limo and wear the baby so the attention is on me since Danielle doesn’t like it on her, plus she is more likely to stop and let people touch, hold and kiss them, since she has a problem being direct and rude when needed (I don’t). I cringe when I hear what starts every encounter “Oh my god twins, how sweet! Oh wait you’re wearing one, TRIPLETS?!!!!! Then the questions/comments start:
All boys? - No all girls, notice the pink car seats, bows, and pink dresses
How do you do it? - How do I do what?
I bet your tired- What makes you say that?
Are they natural?- What they want to know is if they were test tube babies or spontaneous but don’t want to just ask; so I answer yes, they are real babies, although I want to answer no they are aliens.
Do triplets run in your family?  - Ugh does that even happen?
The worse of all is “Better you than me”  - Ummm having triplets isn’t a tragedy, we love our girls and yes we are glad its us and not you too! (But we don’t say that cause duh we have manners!)

Baby Stats -

Here are their 2 month stats,

Harper - The Oldest (Harpsicle)

Harper is….high maintenance, she is the oldest triplet so she is the boss, and we usually follow her lead. She was the 1st to roll over, doesn't like to sit still, she’d rather be bouncing or sitting up and looking around. She has great head and neck control. She likes to look back and forth really fast which we find ADORABLE! She has the most beautiful complexion and no cradle cap at all! Her skin just glows and her cheeks are rosy. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue.
2 month - 10 lb 12 oz 22.5 inches

Sophia - The Smiley Chunk (Sop or So-fee-na)

Sophia is always smiling and so happy, until she needs a pork chop (I mean bottle) and then her scream is straight from her gut! She was the last to roll over, partly due to weight issues, but loves to just be talked too, or she loves watching her best friend- the ceiling fan. She hates being on her tummy, again maybe a weight issue? Sophia is the only one with my blood type and her family names are from my family in Hawaii so it would figure that she would be the chunky baby. AND she smiles all night in her sleep. She has cradle cap but not too bad. Her hair is dark brown and she has blue eyes. (Georgia’s best friend)
2 month- 11 lbs 6 oz 22.75 inches

Emma - The sweetheart (Emi Claire)

The youngest and the sweetest of them all, I think she can tell that she is the baby of the group. She is my soul triplet and she has the saddest cry you have ever heard! She too doesn't like tummy time and she quickly rolls over to get back on her back and look around with her big blue eyes. Danielle thinks she looks like a turtle because of how she moves her head, although when hungry she will strike like a viper! Although the smallest she did all her growing in length and is the longest. She has the worst cradle cap of the three but still not too bad. She has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.
2 month 9 lbs 12 oz 23 inches

These girls have really tested our endurance and pushed us farther than we ever thought we could go. We are blessed and so happy they are ours forever. Our marriage is stronger now because of the struggle to have our family and I wouldn't change anything. As a matter of fact we are so happy and in love with our kids that it isn't hard for us to picture having more. Maybe not for a few years but it’s definitely not off the table.

PS- Keurig if you're feeling generous we love our Vue!


  1. I just have to say I love this blog I think its great and I wish all the luck with your 4 beautiful girls!!!! I really enjoyed reading this

  2. Thank you for putting so much thought into updating us with your family's progress. I am truly hoping for more blessings than you guys can handle.

    I would also like to offer some advice. Of course you can take it or leave it. I would say that even though it's not your responsibility to teach people manners- and as frustrating as it can be for complete strangers to act inappropriately- don't fault them for their ignorance. If you can find a way, think of it as a teachable moment and make it a point to address rude behavior. The best way to fight ignorance is with education, and some people have just never been taught manners.

    Again, thank you for sharing with us.


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