Monday, April 9, 2012

Lots of updates on the pregnancy and the babies:

Saturday night after going to the emergency room we found out that we had three perfectly healthy babies and unfortunately baby D was no longer there. It’s a strange and weird feeling that we had when we got this news, some people will not understand, however most of you have never been faced with this monumental situation. Yes, we were sad we lost a life that we created, it was our flesh and blood, but at the same moment it was a wave of what can best be described as relief. The difference that one baby makes is absolutely mind blowing. The relief feeling comes from not having to have an extremely high-risk life threating pregnancy, Danielle not having to be on in-patient bed rest for 6+ weeks, not having 4 micro-preemies that will have major medical problems/issues, not having to move, and not having to get a cargo van. It also takes away any hard decisions that we were faced with, selective reduction/total termination was always an option, and always declined, however, decisions that make you have to choose to save the life of one at the expense of all, or choosing to save Danielle or the quads. So yes relief is the word that I would use, this was put into god’s hands and here we stand. Triplets by no means is a walk in the park, but it’s a much safer and easier pregnancy then what we were faced with, and for that we are grateful. We knew from the start that baby D was a little behind and heart rate was a little lower, and with HOM (High-Order Multiples) it’s very common for 1-2 of the babies to stop growing at a certain point and simply vanish, it’s not an indication that the pregnancy is in trouble.
Now on to the fun stuff!

1st Appointment with Dr. Z, and I have to say that I am a great doctor picker! This wasn’t a doom and gloom appointment that we were bracing ourselves for, it was very informative and the office staff was very excited and extremely nice. It was the 1st appointment that we have gone to during this pregnancy where we felt like it was ok to be happy that we were pregnant. We had a 2 hour ultrasound, and boy oh boy (or should I say girl or girl) my babies were moving, jumping, and very cute (even Dr. Z said so). Our goal delivery date is 9/24/12 (correction) Aug 24th, which is 32 weeks, Danielle needs to gain about 30 pounds at the 24 week mark to have the best outcome. Most triplets don’t require inpatient bed rest, (which is a huge relief since it would kill Danielle to be away from Georgia that long) they will require a stay in the NICU however it’s almost cut in half, and some triplets are born at 5 pounds which is our goal. So Danielle is required to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat. She needs to take in over 4000 calories a day! Starting at 16 weeks, we will have bi-weekly ultrasounds (at 2 hours each), these babies will get a lot of face time with us!
96% Chance that all babies are girls!
Baby Stats:
A – 12w6d, 164 BPM (Possible Baby Name- Mariah Ann)

B-  13w1d, 162 BPM (Possible Baby Name- Maggie Jane)

C- 12w4d, 156 BPM (Possible Baby Name- Emma Claire)


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know you well, but as an instagram friend, I am so happy for your family! God is great! And He has BIG plans for your growing family!!


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