Sunday, April 22, 2012

I get to quit my 2nd job!

Well like the title says I get to quit my second job of looking for a regular “I’m not going to do anything but test your pee” OB/GYN. I’m so sick of calling doctor’s offices and explaining everything just to hear that they will not take us on. It’s very hard to find a doctor for our situation. We thought we had found a doctor and the hospital that we were going to deliver the trips in; but that turned out to be a big no! It was a free/community (Medicaid) outreach clinic where you saw whatever doctor was available to see you and they didn’t deliver you. (Plus the doctor that we saw had her degree in Zoology), so something went terribly wrong. (On a side note, and this is just one of the many FML moments we have; we were told to use the valet, so we are done they stamp the ticket and we are leaving wishing we didn’t waste 3 hours of our time, and I realize that the ticket is stamped “Free Clinic”, and I didn’t have any cash for a tip). It seems like a great place if this is all you can get, but we are used to our small town doctor’s office where the doctor you see and knows your case delivers your baby. We did learn a lot from this appointment (not about the babies, but how these hospital’s work) most of the OB/GYN’s in the McKinney, Plano, Dallas area do not deliver babies the hospital hires OB/GYN hospitalist that do nothing but C-Sections, and births all day. Which in theory sounds good, but it’s not the experience that we are really thrilled with. So we have made the choice to try with everything we have to have the babies here at Texoma Medical Center.

We know that this may not happen, we are under no misconception that Danielle, and/or the trips will have to be sent to Plano, but all things considering this is what makes our stress level go way down. If something happens pre-term labor wise then she will be sent to Plano and a hospitalist will take over, same if we were seeing a doctor there. If the trips are having problems that TMC can’t handle they will be sent to Plano as well so it’s really not that big of a change. Bottom line, if something goes wrong or happens too fast we will be in Plano. (TMC – 5 minutes, Plano -1hr-1hr30min)

Met with the new OB, Dr. Cutler and I think it’s really going to work out very well. He has delivered two sets of triplets, trained with/by our maternal-fetal medicine doctor, and has a lot of connections with the hospital that he will send us to if we encounter any problems (Presbyterian Hospital Plano). He doesn’t seem scared or completely turned off to the idea that all this will work as long as we realize that it might not. So the new goal is 34 weeks to have the babies here! So September 7th is our 34 week, girls you need to hang in there until then!

Our next appointment is May 8th with Dr. Z, and it will be another 2 hour marathon ultrasound, so we will have lots of updates then and pictures. We will also get the 100% on the babies’ sexes at that appointment; Baby C may have decided that she wanted to be a boy! 

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