Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is that 18oz of baby in your belly, or are you just happy to see me?

Our appointment went better than expected; we had a little scare last week with some test results that we got back from “the clinic”, but once we had a trained competent doctor review everything (that didn’t train to also be a zoo keeper) it wasn’t anything to even worry about or test for. We received a call on Friday from the Medical Center of Plano, letting us know that Danielle’s TSH level was dangerously low and that we needed to start medication and see a specialist right away. Well that test was completed at 12 weeks, and here we are at 16 weeks and we are just now getting the results back? So anyway we tell them to send everything to our doctor and informed them that we wouldn’t be seen in that clinic again. So Dr. Cutler re-did the test yesterday just to check, but both Dr. Cutler, and Dr. Z doesn’t think there is anything wrong, it’s normal for a woman pregnant with triplets to have low TSH. (Thyroid stimulating hormone).
(PS by “the clinic” I’m not talking about an abortion clinic, I’m talking about the Medicaid/Nightmare Clinic at MCOP)

Also apparently the clinic that we saw was very proud to have us as patients because they have been telling everyone that we were using their clinic, and thanking Dr. Z for sending us to them, and talking about us with his wife, (a hospitalist OB/GYN at Medical Center of Plano). We feel like we are a circus act when we go there, so I’m glad that we aren’t anymore. Dr. Z was horrified when he received that call, he said that we would never send us there and we all had a good laugh about how we are just “fish out of water” once we leave Grayson County about how the doctors/clinics are set up and work.

The spending marathon has begun, we wanted to wait and double/triple check that we were in fact having three girls, well it has been confirmed, all three are 100% girls. So today we went and spent $500 on car seats for the girls, we had to get ones that would hold a preemie, so options were limited which equals expensive. We got the Graco Myride 30 in Jacqueline print for you ladies interested in the print style of the car seats. We still have a lot more to get but we have officially kicked off what we are calling the “Baby Bankruptcy”!

On to baby stats, all of the babies weigh 6oz each, with just a few grams separating them from each other, and all of them in the 16w5d -17w0d range. There are a total of 30 fingers (which they like to show off and wave and point with), 30 toes, and 12 arms and legs. Heartbeats were great and everything is on track so far. Danielle’s cervix is were it needs to be so no bed rest at this time. We will start seeing Dr. Cutler every two weeks for a cervix check, and Dr. Z every 4 weeks for growth checks, so basically every two weeks these kids will be on camera! Danielle has gained 8 pounds over all of the 24 that she was suppose to gain, but since the babies are doing fine he isn’t worried about anything.

Everything is coming together very well for us right now, we have our plan in place. Dr. Z and Dr. Cutler trained together at Parkland and both can’t praise the other enough, we both were a little worried about Dr. Cutler being fairly new but Dr. Z has complete confidence in him, and from our interactions and conversations we feel like we have made the best choice. It’s nice to have a team support you and give you the facts without trying to scare you into doing something that you don’t want to do.

Baby Names- HELP! We can’t come up with any, it’s been such a pain in the butt so we are taking suggestions, and please be aware that any that you give can be used at anytime, so don’t get mad if we steal a name you throw out there!

Group Picture
Group Picture


  1. Clara, Lily, Julia, Katie (kathryn/Kathleen), Anna, Anslee/Ansley, Annabelle, Abby, Meghan/Megan, Ellie, Amelia, Caroline, Kelly, Kelsey, Grace, Corinne, Keelin, Hallie, Callie, Cameron, Kristen, Alexa/Alexis, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Mary, Molly, Madlyn, Madeline, Piper, Avery, Rehgan, Samantha, Michelle, Elle, Emery, Bridget, Brooke, Bailey, Kamryn, Sadie, Ryan, Reece, Rylan, Paige, Peyton, Chloe, Shelby, stephanie,

    1. Hayden, Willow, Casey,

    2. Peyson, kaylie, Lauren, Kylie, Rachel, Taylor, Katrina! Hope this helps! I follow you on instagram(: I hope y'all are doing well and I'm keeping you in my prayers! A great website to check out is baby names country!


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