Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Momma Thyroid Drama

Well the results from the blood work and ultrasound came back as a mixed bag. Blood work all looked normal (well as normal as a triplet pregnancy can be), however the ultrasound showed that there was a goiter on the left side of Danielle’s neck that was large enough that the doctor wanted to biopsy. We were very concerned because we found this news out last Wednesday, and Friday he was leaving to go out of the country and wouldn't be back to do it until the end of June. So WebMD to the rescue! All that really did was make things way worse; research shows that when goiters are found during pregnancy there is a higher risk of it be cancerous. (so after of day of Danielle making her end of life preparations) I called the doctor and spoke to get more details, he said that since the blood work was good, and the shape was round he believes that it poses no threat. So repeat labs and biopsy at the end of June. 

I may have spoke too soon about quitting my second job as a doctor finder because it’s a full time job keeping up with all these appointments with all the different doctors we have on the roster. We are entering the 20th week, which means that we are at bi-weekly appointments with Dr. Z, monthly (I guess we really don’t know) with Dr. Cutler, and monthly with Dr. Endocrinology (bi-weekly at 30 weeks). 

Dr. Z is Tuesday June 5th, so 2 hours of facetime with Harper, Sophia, and Emma; very excited to see how much they have grown, so a lot more updates then and pictures, and I may post a highlight video. 

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