Monday, June 4, 2012

Our 1st Trip to Labor and Delivery

Early Saturday morning (2:30 am), Danielle woke up in a lot of pain suspecting kidney stones, so we did the drink a gallon of water and warm bath method to try and ease it, however she was still in pain. So we called L/D around 3:45 and Dr. Cutler called us back at 4:30 and told us to come up and be watched. Everything small that we would encounter in Georgia’s pregnancy is a big deal during this one. So we were put into a room (not the triage room), monitored, pee tested, ultrasounded, and waited about 5 hours.

Turns out Danielle has kidney stones (small) in both kidneys and a bladder infection, so antibiotics and vitamin C. Appointment tomorrow with Dr. Z to see the babies for the 20 week scan, which will be even longer than the normal 2 hour appointment. (So lots of updates on babies and pictures and maybe some of the video tomorrow)  

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