Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20 Week Update

Had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday with Dr. Zaretsky and it’s amazing how much bigger the girls are and what personalities we can see in them now. Harper is the most active and is either beating up Sophia or hugging Emma. Poor Sophia is constantly getting beat up! Surprisingly all the babies are measuring 20 weeks and all are 13 oz, normally by now one is starting to slow down and get smaller, but they are all keeping up which is great news.
Harper – 21w0d 382g (13oz)
Sophia – 20w2d 359g (13oz)
Emma – 20w6d 382g (13oz)

Danielle’s cervix is still very long (4.3cm) and high which is great, so no cerclage. Really honestly everything is going great, and our doctor’s couldn’t be happier with the progress of the babies and how well Danielle is doing with the pregnancy. The video that we got is great, and really fun to watch, they are to the point now where you can tell what’s going on and what is what (although you may not know which baby is which). I’m going to edit it down, right now it’s at 30 minutes and I’m going to label it and post it later. So for now enjoy the pictures below, next appointment is in 2 weeks with Cutler to check the cervix again.  

Group Picture 20 Weeks
B  C  A

Ms. Harper Ann 20 Weeks
Harper's 3D, 20 Weeks

Harper has a very, very, very tiny hole in her heart, but the doctor’s think it will close up and it’s very common.

Ms. Sophia Grace 20 Weeks

Sophia 3D 20 Weeks 

Ms. Emma Claire, She was laying under both her sisters so getting a good pic was very hard. 20 Weeks

Emma Claire 3D

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