Monday, May 21, 2012

Well it’s the middle of the road...

It’s our 17th week (I’m posting a week late because we have been so busy) and it’s the middle of our pregnancy (34 weeks)!

Topics to blog about:

  • We have finally have a solid answer on baby names (and some meaning behind them)
  •  Danielle’s thyroid issue that is putting a kink into things,
  • Our obsession with watching “Making Room for Multiples” 
  • Danielle’s Torpedo Belly
  • Our entry way/Nursery 
  • Georgia’s 2nd Birthday 

Baby Names! 

From this day forth Baby A will always be Harper Ann, HAV for short because (writing all these kids names will take too long). Harper is unrelated, but Ann is for my mother-in-law, her middle name is Ann, and her mother’s middle name is Ann, and since Georgia Lynn is after my mother, she has already laid claim to baby A’s middle name. (I just broke my rule) Harper’s middle name. 

Baby B will be Sophia Grace, SGV, Sophia is somewhat of a family name, one of my favorite* aunts in Hawaii is named Sophie (well Auntie Sophie), and doesn’t Grace just sound great with it. 
*Disclaimer: All my aunts are my favorite 

Baby C will be Emma Claire ECV. Emma is my late grandmother’s name and a name that we always wanted to use and we are now able to do so. She also reminds us most of Georgia via ultrasound than any of the other babies, so she may turn into my Mini-Georgia. 

Thyroid Troubles 

Second round of testing came back bad for Danielle, so we have added another doctor to the list of doctor’s that we have on our vast list of specialists. We were told not to worry about it because the test was taken too early from the Medical Center of Plano doctor, however when we did it at the correct time the numbers were completely different however still abnormal. So, Dr. Cutler sent us to an Endocrinologist for more testing and ultrasounds, so we will find out this week if she has to take any medications. So, we are just going to have to research what we should be checking this month and telling them what to do and be our own advocate for care. This issue may force us to have to be hospitalized for a time before the triplets are born. We should know more this week, but with multiples everything can change in a week.

Thank you TLC for “Making Room for Multiples”

We have the DVR set up to record every episode of this show, granted we delete the twin shows, but we study and re-watch the triplet one every time one is on. We watch how they look, what medical issues they are having, when they are born, how long they spend in the NICU, what they drive, how much do they weight, what they wear in the NICU, what car seat they have, where they sleep, and how messy their house is after they are all home. We literally break everything down in order to “try” (I just Lol’d when I typed that) to get ready for life to come. It’s becoming very clear that even at 34 weeks that every triplet that we have watched has had to spend time in the NICU, so we are starting to think that having the triplets at Texoma Medical Center may not be possible, and we are really thinking about opting for Presbyterian Plano when it comes down to it unless we can get to the 35-36 week mark. Planning is part of my nature and it’s something that I do to try and have some control of this situation, however it’s becoming more and more apparent that I can try all I want, things are not in my control! 

Danielle’s Torpedo

Danielle has that pregnant look to her, and I guess she should she is pregnant with triplets! I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a jerk and I of course think my wife is beautiful always, but she is over the top when she is pregnant. It’s a look that just suits her to a tee! Danielle refuses to have a picture taken of her right now so pictures to come later. 

I should buy stock in Graco

Our entry way has become a stock room/nursery! I really need to move my office so that we have a place to put everything, even though I think that room would still be too small! We have three car seats, a pack-n-play, a dresser and Georgia’s birthday gift. So we are slowly building up stuff that will one day seal us into the house, LOL. This week the three bouncy seats will be here so I have got to get some solution together this week. 

Georgia’s 2nd Birthday

The big day is quickly coming up and it’s bittersweet, I can’t believe she is about to be 2, although I’m ready to leave the terrible twos behind and get to another stage with her. We are getting everything ready for her party which will be done in Curious George. She demands that we watch the show ALL DAY.

Also I fixed the blog so you can leave comments now without having to have an account. Until the next Dr. Z appointment on June 5th everyone have a great day!


  1. Thank you Josh for the Vereze Family update! I hope all is well and I can't believe Georgia is already going to be 2! Congrats to you all and I wish you the best of luck! Please take lots of pics of Georgia and The Triplets once they get here! Oh and I love the names!

  2. I love reading the Vereze family blog. I love watching y'all grow. I know how u want control I wanted it when I was pregnant with my girls. Im so happy for y'all


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