Saturday, July 7, 2012

At the point of no return…

OK,it’s been awhile since I have posted an update, so this post willbe very long since we have a lot of topics and pictures to post.

Let’sstart with Dr. C’s routine OB appointment at 23 weeks. Babieslooked great, all three had very strong heart beats and were as usualfighting with each other. Dr. C and Dr. Z decided that it was timefor us to start seeing Cutler every 2 weeks for a checkup, and cervixcheck. Talked to Dr. Cutler about how the delivery would work if wewere to deliver at Texoma Medical Center, he said that we would needto be at 35 weeks (9 weeks away) and the babies be at 5 pounds each.(Which really is almost unheard of…but keep reading) Our concernwas that there would not be enough staff to care for all of the girlsbut he reassured us that there would be numerous nurses and severalpediatricians on hand for the delivery.

Dr.Thyroid – Well after waiting a month to have her thyroid biopsy,the doctor’s office called to confirm a follow up appointment.Problem was that we hadn't even had the biopsy yet! So they rescheduled for the following Monday. I know that people makemistakes; I get it, but come on. (Another reason we steer clear ofWNJ) It’s just a good thing that they talked to Danielle and notme, I have a very short fuse right now! Biopsy completed, notsomething that you want to have done, it was quick but kinda painfulbut it may have taken some of the focus off of her back for a day.The results came back and everything is great! I think they want tosee her again around the end of September but that’s baby time sowe will try to slide that in somewhere down the line, but as of now Ican cross Dr. Thyroid off the list.

Wehave reached viability! Once we hit the 24 week mark we officiallyhit viability, a major milestone in pregnancy, so to celebrate weunpacked car seats, and the pack-n-play. Georgia loves playing withthem and putting her babies in their seats, and then kicking them outof the seat so she can get into it herself.

Weare getting excited about Danielle’s baby shower on the 15th, I would think that she would be happy about seeingpeople and looking at baby stuff, but this momma has 1 thing on hermind…and that’s food. She doesn’t care about anything else butfood, so if you’re coming Danielle will more than likely be the onehovering at the food table. Dr. Z told her that she has a freelicense to eat (what, when, how ever much) he wants fat babies.

TheState of Texas has determined that Danielle Vereze is now officiallyhandicapped! The explorer has a new decoration hanging from themirror. Which to be honest we really need, Danielle is ok for veryshort walks, but anything too long she starts having contractions. SoI also ordered her a wheelchair so that she can keep getting out ofthe house and shopping but doesn’t have walk or use the electricchair. Believe me folks, don’t let Danielle drive the electricwheelchair! She used it at Wal Mart in Sherman a few weeks ago, andgot stuck in the baby department, so she backed up and rammed her waythrough to get out, I couldn’t even look at her for the rest of thetrip. The explorer is out of cargo room with a stroller andwheelchair in the back which is a good and bad thing, good becauseit’s less things that she can buy and bad because it’s lessthings that I can buy.

Tothe Nay Sayers- This time around, if you want to get Danielle going,tell her “you don’t look very big to be carrying triplets” thiswill send her right over the edge and I have to hear about it fordays later. We are going to start putting up bi-weekly belly shotssince Dr. Z confirmed Thursday that she is measuring full term and isonly 25 weeks. I really don’t know how she is going to go 9 moreweeks I think she looks like she did when Georgia was born, and shewas almost 9 pounds!

MyGeorgia Bear will be turning 2 in 3 weeks (July 30th)and she is getting so big. Everyday she is doing something (good orbad) that makes me laugh and realize that all this is worth it. Hernew favorite thing to do is get in trouble (not hard) and run to theother parent, and fake cry and point and say “they mean”, I can’thelp but laugh when she does it. She has also learned one of the mostdreaded words for parents “Why?”. I don’t know if she knowswhat she is saying, but she sure will tack it on to the end of anyrequest! Sometimes when thinking about what’s going to be happeningin a few weeks, I get so stressed out and nervous, but I just have toremember how great life became when Georgia was born, and how muchhappiness and fulfillment we have gotten in just 2 years, and that’sabout to be multiplied by 4. I really don’t think we could do thisif we hadn’t already had Georgia to guide us.

Ohand our blog is also now on  under blog roll and expecting parents. I think we are one of the fewon there that are still blogging and updating.

Also, I just want to show how many pictures we get from Dr. Z when we go to appointments, and we have gotten this many every time we go! The DVD wasn't as good this time around so the pictures of the girls that we get aren't there, so I had to take pictures of the ultrasound shots to post. 

Dr.Zaretskys' Ultrasounds- Great news! The hole in Harper's heart iscompletely gone, like it wasn’t ever there! The Ultrasounds arestarting to get very hard to do, since there is so much baby hangingout in there, and getting good pictures is near impossible. Harper ishead down so no more face pictures of her since she is pressing onDanielle’s cervix ready to go like she is the only one inthere. Dr. Z was thrilled with the babies and couldn't have beenhappier with the stats. He called Danielle a “Baby Making Machine”and wanted her secret (Lucky Charms and Sweet tea....and a lot ofeach). Babies should be a little more than 1 pound right now, but ourbabies are almost 2 pounds and each are measuring larger than what asingleton would be right now. So back to Texoma Medical Center'srequirements, it looks like we may have a fighting chance to get tothat mark, Dr. Z is confident that we will hit the 32 mark, but as hesays “his crystal ball gets fuzzy after that” So the next time wesee Dr. Z, unless there is a complication, is 30 weeks which isalmost baby time!

Harper-25w2d 1 lb 13oz
Sophia-25w1d 1 lb 12oz
Emma-25w5d 1 lb 14oz (once the smallest)

Emma's 25 Weeks

Sophia's 25 Week

Sophia kicking Harper in the butt! Pay back!




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