Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Word of the Day is DEHYDRATION

When you're pregnant they demand that you drink ALL THE TIME, but with triplets you need to consider your water bottle an extension of you. We are learning the hard way tonight and Danielle had to come to labor and delivery for what we thought was an infection, however it was just really bad dehydration (and a mild UTI).

Did get to peek at the babies while the tech was doing the ultrasound. The techs here are not allowed to talk which is a vast difference from Dr. Z's office. Harper looks to be pulling ahead of the pack with 2.13 pounds, followed by Emma with 2.9 and Sophia bringing up the Vereze pack with 2.6 pounds.

That's 7 pounds 11 oz of baby! Plus all the other good stuff (3 placentas and amniotic fluid).

Everything looks good for now, waiting to leave the hospital. I will be posting the baby shower pictures later.

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